Building on a decade of market experience which includes media campaigns, high-profile events and public policy workshops through partnership with strategic affiliates, TRACCS launched its Moroccan operations in 2016 with the acquisition of a stake in Marrakesh-based L’Allure PR. TRACCS Morocco caters to a growing number of local and regional clients across diverse industries, providing a range of integrated public relations services, including Strategic Advisory, Media Relations and Digital amongst others.



Hafsa Benmchich

Hafsa Benmchich
Managing Director
TRACCS Morocco

A firm believer in the power of information and the change it can bring about, Hafsa Benmchich has spent her entire career in harnessing communications to make a difference. With over a decade of experience in communications, she has a proven track record of developing large-scale, integrated marketing and communications strategies and programs for a wide range of local, regional and international brands in Morocco.

A passionate communicator at heart, Hafsa brings to her role as Managing Director of TRACCS Morocco, a deep understanding of local and regional cultural, social and religious sensitivities, opportunities and challenges. Being trilingual further empowers her to continuously seek and leverage her knowledge of the region to develop and deploy multi-layered communications strategies for several clients.

Hafsa’s areas of expertise include corporate communications, crisis management, content development and corporate social responsibility while she frequently draws upon her experience as a journalist to effectively develop creative programs and solutions by seamlessly integrating research with communications.

Hafsa has spearheaded communications efforts for multiple editions of signature annual events in Morocco including the Fes Sacred Music Festival, Timitar Festival and the Race of Morocco; the greatest events in the World of their respective fields, requiring unparalleled professional communication skills, and welcoming more than 1000 journalists and high-level personalities.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Behavioural Psychology from Paris-Sorbonne University in France. In addition, she also studied marketing, communications and English literature.



Salma Tazi

Salma Tazi
Deputy Managing Director
TRACCS Morocco

A public relations expert with cross-sector experience, Salma Tazi has been at the forefront of the communications industry in Morocco. With an astute focus and passion for public relations which has augmented over the last 15 years in the business, Salma has a certain proclivity for logistics and events PR. She brings to her role as Deputy Managing Director of TRACCS Morocco, an in-depth understanding of the communications, media and consumer landscape in the Kingdom.

Having spearheaded and implemented several innovative communications strategies for clients, Salma is an ardent believer in simplifying, structuring and systemizing communications processes, policies and plans in order to achieve optimal results for clients.

Salma’s diverse experience includes providing communications consultancy to clients across key sectors such as retail, fashion, culture & arts, real estate and automotive. She has also worked on signature events including the Marrakech International Film Festival, the National Festival of Folk arts and The Marrakech International Biennale; the greatest events in the World of their respective fields, welcoming more than 250 journalists and thousands of VIPs.

Often described by her peers as a true professional and complete team player, Salma has mentored several PR professionals, motivating them to achieve results beyond personal and client expectations.

As someone who views public relations as a discipline that undoubtedly helps humanize a brand, product or service, Salma found herself drawn towards a career in the industry at an early age. Following her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez, Morocco she thus went on to study Communications.



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