TRACCS has been operating in Syria since 2004 serving the interests of a range of regional and international clients. TRACCS operations in Syria have been suspended until the resolution of the current conflict within the country.



Hussein Jabri

Hussein Jabri
Managing Partner

With over a decade of experience in the media field, Hussein Jabri joins the network as Managing Director of TRACCS Syria. Starting his career in advertising in the early 90s, Hussein set up Al Athar Advertising Agency and watched as the media environment evolved and flourished in Syria.

As the Syrian Arab Republic began opening its doors to regional and international businesses, it  quickly became an important emerging market in the Middle East, prompting Hussein to launch Al Athar Public Relations, a sister company to his advertising agency, to provide for the growing need for experienced Public Relations practitioners. Hussein became a well known figure in the Syrian PR industry, drawing the attention of the TRACCS network.

After several years of working together in Syria, bringing local knowledge and insight to local and regional clients, Al Athar began operating as TRACCS Syria in 2011.  The move allows Hussein and his team of experienced local practitioners to offer more strategic public relations to their clients as well as ensure that they continue to receive the highest standard of service by providing a wider range of sophisticated communications services and direct access to the largest public relations network in the MENA region.



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