At TRACCS, we have always believed that the success of our business depends on our people and have focused on finding the right people and keeping them. Over the years we have systematically and painstakingly built our operations across the region around the most talented, honest, creative, dedicated and driven people we can find who have the vision, integrity, innovation and leadership qualities our practice demands.


We invest in training, incentives and career progression and have one of the highest employee retention records in our business. Today the TRACCS team has grown to more than 275 professionals working in 14 countries.


The different practice areas we operate in and the growing number of sectors we provide TRACCS employees with a wide scope for growth and advancement. We welcome both seasoned professionals and fresh talent who possess the potential to grow with and within our organization. We are proud to follow a policy of internal recruitment for senior positions and the majority of our senior staff have grown within the company.


TRACCS is the largest home-grown public relations network in MENA and is home to the largest number of senior Arabic-speaking practitioners in the regional business. We aim to build leaders and role models to grow the public relations profession in the Arab world and create a workforce that will provide our clients with insightful and impactful communications support in the region.


As a fast paced and fast growing network there are many opportunities at TRACCS for experienced, hardworking professionals and talented newcomers.

Through utmost dedication, commitment and hard work, TRACCS has a built a very strong reputation as an employer-of-choice within the MENA communications industry. Employees are truly our biggest asset and the cornerstone of our existence, growth and success. We always go the extra mile to ensure that we recruit the best talent with the right experience, expertise and attitude.

We are proud of the fact that we receive countless applications from several highly-qualified and talented communications professionals with a proven track record.

If you are interested in applying to TRACCS, please read the below instructions carefully and fill out the application form with complete honesty and accuracy. We recommend that you provide detailed information about yourself to ensure that your application stands out.

Do note that we have a centralized human resources team that reviews all applications. However the recruitment process is managed by the senior leadership of each local office. So please choose your preferred market/s carefully to ensure that your application is received by the right market/s.

The two-step application process is simple. Step ONE involves completing the below form and step TWO involves uploading your CV. Please note that in order to successfully submit your application, you need to complete both steps as per the instructions.

To help you with the process, TRACCS has created a Job Application Checklist, which can be found here. We strongly recommend that you review the information in this checklist carefully before submitting your application.

Good luck!

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