We believe that the only way to build a successful and lasting communications business in the MENA region is to develop a truly home-grown practice that contributes to the overall understanding and continued development of the profession. By partnering with local practitioners who know the people, the media, the government and the local culture in each market we operate in, we can serve our clients’ interests with insight and impact.


TRACCS organized the first ever conference on public relations in Saudi Arabia in 2005, has sponsored International Public Relations Association (IPRA) conferences in Dubai and Bahrain and pioneered the Beirut Public Relations Forum (BPRF) in 2009 in association with the Institute for Media Training & Research at the Lebanese American University. The BPRF was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Tarek Mitry, Lebanon’s Minister of Information, and over the years has attracted leading local and international professionals, including top PR gurus Paul Holmes and Lord Peter Chadlington.


TRACCS senior management are leading advocates of the public relations industry and its growing importance in the MENA region and regularly speak at regional and international events such as the Communications On Top Forum in Davos, the Annual MENA Crystals Festival in Beirut, In2 Innovation Summit in London and the ICCO Summit in New Delhi.


Driver’s Seat is a program developed by TRACCS to create awareness among the educational sector on the role of public relations as a strategic tool for private and public sector companies, organizations and NGOs. TRACCS has led the Driver’s Seat workshop at King Abdulaziz University in 2013 and Prince Sultan University in 2014, both in Saudi Arabia, and plans a wider MENA-wide roll out of the program.


In 2014 TRACCs convened an expert discussion on the communications industry in MENA, led by Paul Holmes, Founder of the Holmes Report and attended by high-level communications experts and senior management from leading UAE government, semi-government and private entities. The Transformation Roundtable, which was held in Dubai, was the first-ever independent discussion on the state of PR in the MENA region to be led by a highly respected global PR authority.


CSR is in the DNA of TRACCS and has been since the agency’s inception in 1998, when the first campaign it ever worked on was CSR driven. TRACCS has been providing CSR solutions to clients and NGOs in the region ever since and has served in a leadership role to educate the industry on this important communication tenant. TRACCS organized and sponsored the first conference on CSR in Kuwait in 2004. In 2014, TRACCS launched INSPIRE – a system for CSR campaign development – at the CSR Saudi Arabia Summit held in Jeddah.


TRACCS senior management have made major contributions to capacity-building within the Middle East public relations industry, sharing their experience with young nationals, training other young Gulf Arabs, and holding speaking engagements at career days at schools and universities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. TRACCS remains committed to training young nationals from around the region in public relations disciplines and will continue to do so through its training division, Enrich powered by TRACCS, which launched in 2013.