We believe that public relations should be practiced as a holistic and integrated discipline and have identified seven service components that organizations need to build a strong communications structure.


Strategy forms the foundation of public relations programs. We work with our clients to build strategic programs from the ground-up, formulating plans and policies, and executing them to our clients’ best interests. TRACCS works with organizations on strategic programs relating to issues management, stakeholder mapping, media policy development, positioning and messaging and has the expertise and local knowledge that is essential to build strong programs and platforms with long-term impact.


At TRACCS, our goal is to develop long-term relationships between our clients and the press through outreach programs that bring our clients closer to the media. Apart from advising clients on how to make their stories newsworthy and negotiating media opportunities on their behalf, we create editorial roll-out programs aimed at sustaining media interest and positioning our clients through clear message delivery. Our strong ties with the region’s newspapers and magazines, on-line news portals, satellite networks, the national, regional and international wire services, news bureaus and online influencers based in the Middle East underpin our ability to build a strong media data base and organize successful media events.


ENRICH – Powered by TRACCS offers proprietary training programs in English, Arabic and French on Media Training, Crisis Communications, Public Speaking and more that help develop the skills that corporations and governments in the region need to build their ability to speak to younger and more sophisticated audiences.

As a public relations company that was born and has grown up in the MENA region, we possess an acute awareness of the particular challenges faced by communicators in the Middle East and North Africa and the needs of businesses communicating to Arab audiences and are able to answer these with solutions that work. We have successfully trained hundreds of corporate and government spokespeople in multiple markets across the region.

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To establish and sustain itself as a successful entity, it is essential that an organization behaves like a good corporate citizen and makes lasting contributions to the communities in which it operates. TRACCS helps organizations to identify, create and execute cost effective CSR programs that are relevant to the Middle Eastern social and cultural fabric and have both an immediate and long-term impact. Our teams can advise on ways to build internal CSR capabilities by providing systems and procedures and training CSR officers. From concept development to program execution, TRACCS can help make CSR an integral part of your organization’s culture.


At TRACCS our approach to crisis management is pre-emptive and preventive. The prevailing belief is that the majority of business crises are sudden and unexpected –the result of accidents, catastrophes or violence – whereas in fact the majority of crises are known by management before they reach the public and, in many cases, could be prevented altogether or contained quickly. Through careful monitoring and preparation, development of in-built early warning systems that red flag critical issues, documenting crisis scenarios and developing appropriate responses, preparing crisis manuals and emergency protocols, TRACCS can help organizations develop a comprehensive set of tools to manage crises situations.


Employees can be an organization’s most effective ambassadors or most damaging detractors. To a great extent, employee morale, productivity and loyalty hinge on the way a company communicates with its people. TRACCS provides corporations and government institutions with tools to gauge employee attitudes and creates internal platforms that establish two-way communications channels between management and the workforce. TRACCS can also provide sophisticated change management solutions for companies in the process of transformation that include both conventional and innovative tools. Together with management, our goal is to help companies develop and execute internal communications programs that keep employees in the picture and create a sense of enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty.


Digital and social media are extensions of communications systems used to manage reputations, send key messages, drive results and, more importantly, serve as critical tools to listen to audiences, adjust to their needs, and improve overall performance.

Digital Powered by TRACCS has been launched to bring our leading-edge communications experience, local knowledge and Arabic communications expertise into the digital universe. By synchronizing efforts in both traditional and digital media, we help clients build a powerful presence online.

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Social Media Influencers have benefited the most from the phenomenal global digital transformation, leading to the birth of Influencer Marketing, a contemporary marketing solution that is increasingly making its way on to boardroom agendas.

Influencer Marketing enables visionary brands and marketers to identify the most impactful influencers and create powerful and influential campaigns that will engage stakeholders and generate high ROI.

Open Influence is one of the leading influencer marketing firms headquartered in Los Angeles with a network of 8 offices spanning 5 countries. Open Influence’s award-winning digital marketing experts have conceptualized and executed 1500+ tailor-made campaigns for some of the world’s top and most discerning brands including Disney, Puma, Ford, Barilla, L’Oréal, Huawei, Unilever and Qantas among many others. Open Influence’s competitive advantage is the proven ability of its social engineers to leverage and combine industry insights, derived from a deep understanding of the influencer landscape, with a proprietary full-fledged analytics platform and process diligence, to provide full service influencer marketing solutions that match client requirements and deliver consistent ROI.

TRACCS and Open Influence have joined hands to launch ‘Open Influence MENA’ by early 2018. ‘Open Influence MENA’ combines TRACCS’ industry-leading communication capabilities, and Open Influence’s proprietary technology platform and global expertise to unlock real-time insights to help clients maximize ROI of their influencer strategies through a service portfolio that includes Influencer Search, Community Building, Content Creation, Talent Coordination, Audience Analytics, Tracking and Reporting and Creative Strategy among others.

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