At TRACCS, we bring years of experience in multiple disciplines to provide creative, yet practical, communications solutions for a diverse range of businesses and industries throughout the region.


TRACCS has developed and implemented a wide range of communications programs for leading global automotive companies, truck and bus manufacturers, and traffic authorities. Our teams across the network have conceptualized and organized over 100 automobile launches and have successfully lobbied to win prestigious automotive industry awards for our clients.


Some of the world’s most successful and fastest-growing airlines are based in the Middle East and North Africa, and TRACCS has worked with them all, in addition to a number of civil aviation entities and airport management companies. We have conducted internal communications audits, developed communications strategies, created change management programs, launched new aircraft at leading industry air shows, announced new routes, and handled media relations for our aviation clients across the region and beyond.


TRACCS has extensive experience in the consumer domain, effectively representing some of the world’s leading global and regional consumer brands, major retail organizations, and the region’s most popular shopping festivals. From product launches and press announcements to grand openings and promotions, we find the most striking and innovative ways to reach consumers and make the brands we represent top-of-mind

Entertainment & Festivals

Our experience in the entertainment sector extends to delivering a full spectrum of communications services and solutions for numerous major regional and international entertainment and cultural events and festivals over the years. Some examples include the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai Food Festival, Bahrain Shopping Festival, and most recently Jeddah Season and Riyadh Season that have heralded the incredible transformation of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment scene. In addition, TRACCS has played a key role in the success of some of the MENA region’s most popular digital entertainment content providers.


TRACCS is one of the leading communications providers for the financial sector in MENA. Our client portfolio ranges from wealth management, asset management, and insurance companies, to global payment card companies, international banks, and stock exchanges. We have developed highly successful media campaigns, corporate positioning strategies, and speeches for high-profile executives for some of the region’s top financial and investment institutions.


TRACCS has organized educational programs for consumers, medical professionals, and the trade, as well as conferences, seminars, and CSR initiatives. Our teams are well versed in negotiating editorial in specialist journals and daily newspapers to support promotional activities. They have helped to launch hospitals, introduce new medical products and services, and support the roll-out of awareness programs across the region.

Hospitality & Tourism

TRACCS has built a unique travel, tourism, and hospitality practice group led by seasoned professionals with experience in hotel management and event organization in the MENA region and beyond. In addition to leading global hospitality brands, our teams have worked with government tourism authorities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt to position these destinations as tourism, business, leisure, and shopping hubs that attract millions of visitors.


TRACCS delivers a full range of communications support to the industrial sector. We work with major players operating in the construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, and energy fields, as well as several high-profile mega-projects that are driving inward investment and transforming the industrial landscape across the MENA region.

Public Affairs

TRACCS has extensive experience across multiple government sectors and provides government agencies with superior international advisory based on a deep understanding of national priorities, bureaucratic sensibilities, protocols, and customs. Our portfolio of public sector clients includes national economic and investment organizations, public utility companies, humanitarian groups, information agencies, tourism and airport authorities, and major government-sponsored commercial and educational events and initiatives.

Real Estate

TRACCS has served some of the region’s largest and most ambitious real estate developments, carrying out launches of retail shopping parks, mixed-use and residential developments, and specialist cities, developing internal communications procedures, corporate messaging, and crisis management programs. Our real estate team includes financial and business writers, luxury specialists, and real estate analysts who can formulate and implement powerful communications strategies for major players in the industry.


TRACCS has delivered a full spectrum of sophisticated communications solutions for the technology sector in markets throughout the region. Our teams possess a wealth of experience and stay up to date on the latest innovations and advancements shaping the industry. We have served many of the world’s leading technology companies and industry disruptors operating in areas that touch the lives of millions every day.


We have worked with some of the region’s largest telecommunications enterprises to help them communicate with investors, employees, and consumers. Our teams have prepared telecom organizations for re-branding, entry into new markets, and the launch of IPOs, as well as introducing telecom products and services to the public and implementing effective internal communications programs for a range of high-profile clients.

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