Our Leadership Team

Majdi Al Ayed

Executive Vice President

Majdi Al Ayed is an award-winning communications professional with over two decades of industry experience and is the principal orchestrator and administrator of the highly efficient and successful regional operations of TRACCS, the largest independent and homegrown communications consultancy in MENA.

One of the most prominent Gulf Arab practitioners, Majdi has played a decisive role in the establishment and constant enhancement of the regional communications industry standards and best practices.

Since the start of his career in 2001, he has dedicated his efforts towards ensuring that TRACCS remains at the forefront of the game-changing communications industry in MENA. Majdi continues to spearhead the people development and growth strategy of the company, in addition to ensuring that the highest level of operational, corporate governance, ethical, and performance standards are consistently maintained. To achieve this, he leads and drives network-wide efforts to maintain a stellar organizational culture, sustain one of the highest retention rates in the business, and empower the entire team with the right knowledge, tools, and experiences.

Majdi oversees the business expansion and diversification strategy of TRACCS in the region and beyond, with key responsibilities including the identification of growth markets and new business opportunities that are complementary and strategically aligned with the core business of communications.

In previous roles at TRACCS, he has led the development and execution of several strategic, creative, training, and crisis communications programs for key public and private sector organizations across the region.

As Executive Vice President, Majdi also leads the senior leadership team at TRACCS, which is responsible for all people, business, and corporate brand related efforts of the company.