TRACCS has operated successfully in Lebanon since 2003, and in 2009 officially launched TRACCS Lebanon. Based in Beirut, the TRACCS Lebanon office has moved from strength to strength to provide a full-range of strategic communications services as well as media training, crisis and issues management, CSR support and internal communications advisory to a vibrant Lebanese market. TRACCS Lebanon has rapidly built a strong portfolio of clients in the technology, financial, telecommunications, FMCG, aviation, health, luxury, fashion, government and tourism and hospitality sectors.



Katia Yasmine
Managing Director
TRACCS Lebanon

A talented and dedicated public relations professional, Katia Yasmine, has more than 10 years of experience helping organizations and brands communicate more effectively. She has developed strategic communications plans, mentored a team of PR professionals and made key contributions to building the PR industry in Lebanon. The inaugural Beirut Public Relations Forum, which she helped organize, was a key stepping stone in her success, by ensuring that the Lebanese market was made more aware of the true meaning and value of PR.

Katia was fundamental in the establishment and continuous leadership of TRACCS – Lebanon, which she set up in 2008. She has built the practice from the group up, working her way into becoming the Managing Director for the TRACCS – Lebanon office. Her team’s inter-disciplinary portfolio includes relationships with leading and local companies in the medical, automotive, hospital, hotel, retail and technology sector.

In addition to her expertise in PR strategies, Katia has solid experience in emergency preparedness and crisis communications. Katia has led emergency operations teams in several high-profile situations that focused extreme media attention on troubled brands and was able to bring smoldering crises under control.

A trained communications professional, Katia holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from Saint Joseph University in Beirut and is trilingual in Arabic, French and English. Her calling, and the final catalyst for her transition into the PR world, came after training in the field of communications in Dubai. Katia’s marketing and advertising background allowed her to gain insight into how commercial businesses function, giving her the ability to critically evaluate the Lebanese PR industry. Her background also allowed her to ensure the client’s satisfaction and the success of her team.

Her job isn’t limited by the walls of her office; Katia holds herself responsible for facilitating the enhancement of the PR scene in the region by not only working for the industry, but also for the Lebanese society as a whole. After all, “success is led by the power of communication.”