At TRACCS, we aim to become fully integrated with our clients’ goals, philosophies, and operations, enabling us to develop strategies and content that align perfectly with their communications objectives. Our holistic approach encompasses eight key service areas.

Strategic Advisory

We work closely with our clients to develop and execute tailored tactical communications programs from the ground-up. Our expert teams know what works in each of the markets we serve, and proactively craft expedient strategies that are actionable and effective. From crisis and issues management, stakeholder mapping, and media policy development, to positioning and key messaging, our tailored solutions are delivered to create a long-term impact with measurable results.

Media Engagement

We aim to bring clients closer to their target media outlets by nurturing long-term relationships. We advise on how to make stories newsworthy, negotiate media opportunities, and create engaging content roll-out programs that sustain interest and position our clients through clear and impactful messaging. Our strong ties with regional media outlets, online news portals, broadcast networks, global wire services, news bureaus, and social media influencers enable us to develop targeted, relevant media databases and arrange successful events.


Good stories lead to great conversations, which makes crafting engaging and compelling content that inspires, informs, and entertains fundamental to the success of brand communications. Our dedicated in-house Arabic, English, and French content teams leverage their creative storytelling skills and up-to-the-minute industry insights to develop winning content strategies and bring them to life in the form of clear brand messaging and rich narratives, as well as strategic thought leadership and effective digital content for our diverse client portfolio.

Internal Communications

We help clients develop, plan and execute internal communications programs that keep team members in the picture at all times, fostering a culture of enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication. We provide companies and government institutions with the tools they need to gauge employee attitudes and establish open communications between the management and workforce. In addition, we offer a sophisticated suite of change management solutions for organizations in the process of transformation.


A strong digital presence is central to reputation management, key message integration, and overall brand positioning. It also helps clients listen to their audiences, adjust to their needs, and improve overall performance. The TRACCS Digital team brings our leading-edge communications experience, local knowledge, and Arabic language expertise into the digital domain. By synchronizing our efforts in both traditional and new media, we help clients build a powerful online presence that creates authentic, real-time connections with audiences.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing (IM) has emerged as a powerful tool that helps brands to amplify their messages and connect with audiences on a deeper level. With a strong understanding of the regional influencer landscape, TRACCS has extensive experience in running successful influencer marketing campaigns of local, regional, and global brands.

We also work closely with Open Influence, an award-winning Los Angeles-based firm with a network of eight offices spanning five countries, to provide truly global reach. Together, we offer clients a full range of IM-related services, including influencer search, community building, content development, talent coordination, creative strategy, audience analytics, and tracking and reporting. To find out more, please contact our team at

Crisis Management

Our preemptive and preventive approach to crisis management is informed by our belief that most crises can be contained quickly or even avoided altogether. We offer a comprehensive suite of crisis management solutions that focus on diligent preparation, in-built early warning systems, and the development of crisis manuals and emergency protocols that elicit swift, highly effective responses. These tools are complemented by our deep understanding of market realities and local sensitivities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help our clients to identify, develop, and execute cost-effective CSR programs that speak to the MENA region’s social and cultural fabric and create lasting impact. From concept development to internal training and program delivery, our team provides a full range of support that enables organizations to integrate CSR as a key component of their culture and make positive contributions to the communities they serve.

Enrich (Training)

Enrich is a proprietary training program by TRACCS that captures the essence of our long-standing leadership position in MENA. Based on our deep understanding of the work culture, workforce diversity, media landscape, and acute awareness of the communications needs and challenges of organizations in the region, the training program comprises several engaging, impactful, and effective training courses that ensure high audience benefit and organizational ROI.

Enrich is built with the singular aim of empowering organizations and individuals with the right and pertinent communications knowledge and skills to achieve their business and growth imperatives. Hence, our team of PRCA-certified lead trainers and other seasoned trainers develop and design custom communications courses that are tailored to specific requirements and objectives.

Enrich courses are available in Arabic, English, and French, as both webinars and face-to-face training sessions.  For more information, please download the Enrich brochure here or email us at

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