At TRACCS we believe that communications is fundamentally a creative business. We bring years of experience in multiple disciplines to provide creative yet practical solutions to communications, issues management and crisis control problems for a wide range of market sectors, each demanding a particular intellectual grasp, creative discipline and operational focus.

The TRACCS team includes writers, translators, filmmakers, presentation-makers, government relations, CSR, event management and training specialists, strategists and consultants who have handled a multiplicity of communications needs for a diverse range of businesses, industries throughout the region.


The MENA region is experiencing a transportation boom, with the construction of high-speed rapid-transit systems, the expansion of highways, the introduction of toll roads and the reduction of automobile tariffs in several markets. Rapid growth, the positive benefits that come along with it – and the associated growing pains such as pollution, gridlock and traffic safety – are key issues on national agendas across the region. At TRACCS, we bring best practice in transportation sector communications to our clients across the MENA. Over the years, we have worked intensively in the transportation sector developing and implementing a range of programs for leading global automotive companies, truck and bus manufacturers and traffic authorities on public safety awareness programs. We have prepared tenders to help our clients win large-scale fleet sale contracts with government organizations. Our teams across the network have conceptualized and organized nearly 100 automobile launches and have successfully lobbied to win our clients prestigious automotive industry awards.

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Some of the most successful and fastest growing airlines in the globe are based in the Middle East and we have worked with all of them. Our aviation practice group has built a reservoir of experience serving international, regional and low cost air carriers, luxury executive charter services and international airport authorities. We have conducted internal communications audits, developed communications strategies, created change management programs, launched new aircraft at leading industry air shows and announced new routes around the world and have handled media relations for our aviation clients across the region and abroad.

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The retail environment across the Middle East and North Africa is expanding and diversifying at a breathtaking pace. Hypermarkets, big box outlets, retail shopping parks, mega-malls, a proliferation of shopping festivals and a flood of global brands entering the markets are transforming the retail landscape of the region. This vibrant situation has created an increasing demand for strong marketing communications and in response TRACCS has built a formidable consumer practice, effectively representing some of the world’s leading global and regional consumer brands, as well as an expanding portfolio of major retail organizations and the region’s most popular shopping festivals. From product launches, line extensions and press announcements to grand openings, shopping festivals and promotions, TRACCS looks for the most striking and innovative ways to reach consumers and make the brands we represent top-of-mind.

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Our understanding of the markets and economic trends in the region has made TRACCS one of the leading communications providers for the financial sector in the MENA region. Through our financial practice we serve a range of clients in the GCC, Levant and North Africa, from global payment card companies, national and regional banks, wealth management, asset management and insurance companies, as well as institutional investors and stock exchanges. We have launched a series of IPOs in the region and work closely with the financial media to promote our clients’ interests. Our teams have developed media campaigns for the launch of financial products and services, and corporate positioning strategies for some of the region’s leading financial and investment institutions. Our speechwriters have crafted speeches for board chairmen and CEOs to deliver at high profile conferences and seminars. TRACCS has supported a range of investor relations programs on behalf of asset management and investment companies and have provided communications support for some of the region’s most prestigious economic events.

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The healthcare sector across the MENA region has grown dramatically over the last several decades with the opening of major new general care and rehabilitation hospitals, specialist medical centers, and healthcare cities, the arrival of some of the world’s finest hospitals, and the ongoing activities of the pharmaceutical giants. The TRACCS healthcare team works closely with government health officials and regulators to develop effective health care programs on behalf of our clients for each community we serve. Our healthcare team has organized education programs for consumers, medical professionals and the trade, as well as conferences, seminars and corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have launched hospitals and introduced new medical products and services into markets across the region. Our healthcare media teams negotiate editorial in specialist and general interest journals and daily newspapers and support promotional activities for consumer health products. We have been involved in implementing major healthcare public policy and market access initiatives, including the launch of mass vaccination and immunization awareness programs in North Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East.


While travel has always been a deep-rooted tradition in Arab societies, over the past few decades the Middle East and North Africa has experienced an unprecedented travel and tourism boom. Stunning seaside resort destinations have spread along the region’s virgin coastal areas. Iconic hotels, unique entertainment features and spectacular shopping complexes have attracted tourists from around the world. Regional airlines have spread their wings expanding to almost every corner of the globe. Regional and international sports and cultural events have become additional attractions and business and trade events that draw delegates from every market in the world are held on a daily basis. To serve this rich diversity of offerings for both in-bound and out-bound travelers, TRACCS has built a unique travel, tourism and hospitality practice group led by seasoned professionals with experience in hotel management, hospitality and event organization inside and outside the MENA region. Our teams have worked with the government tourism authorities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt to position these destinations as tourism, business, leisure, shopping and spiritual hubs which attract millions of visitors.

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Across the MENA region unprecedented changes can be seen in the political landscape. Traditional command and control systems are being challenged and replaced with democratic ideals. Government reforms have introduced deregulation, privatization, free elections and women’s suffrage for the first time in some countries. Foreign direct investment has become a top priority and trade restrictions are systematically being lifted. Governments are actively seeking private sector support and there are enormous opportunities for corporations to work closely with government agencies on a wide range of projects. At the same time, there is a greater focus on international relations and the importance of communicating effectively with the outside world. TRACCS has built a wide range of experience across many government sectors to provide government agencies with superior international advisory that includes a deep understanding of national priorities, bureaucratic sensibilities and procedures and social customs. TRACCS handles an expanding portfolio of public sector clients, ranging from national economy, tourism and investment organizations, public utility companies, government humanitarian and information agencies and airport authorities to government sponsored commercial events and major educational initiatives.

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The spectacular growth and diversification of the telecommunications industry in the Middle East and North Africa over the last five years has transformed life throughout the region. State telecom companies have privatized, modernized and expanded, entering neighboring markets as second and third operators. New communications infrastructure have been deployed and new systems and technologies from broadband to Wi-Fi to 4G have been introduced that are changing the way we interact with one another and the world at large. Communicating change from this complex technical environment is the job of experienced professionals who understand new technologies and what they mean for the Middle East and North Africa. We have worked successfully with some of the largest telecommunications enterprises in the region to help them communicate with their various stakeholders from investors to employees to end-users. Our programs have prepared telecom organizations for re-branding, entry into new markets and the launch of IPOs. TRACCS has introduced telecom products and services to the general public and has implemented internal communications programs to help employees understand how their companies are changing with the times. As global telecommunications organizations open nodes in Middle East and North African markets, TRACCS looks for ways to help them integrate into this dynamic and challenging part of the world.

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Global technologies are changing the way people live in the Middle East and North Africa. Communicating these technologies to a range of stakeholders requires a team of specialist practitioners who can combine a technical understanding with knowledge of the region and how these technologies will impact on society. TRACCS has successfully served some of the world’s leading technology companies and continues to provide sophisticated and appropriate technology communications in markets across the region.

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During the first 8 years of the 21st century real estate development projects undertaken across the Middle East surpassed the two trillion US dollar mark. Whereas the first real estate boom in the 1970s and ‘80s – fuelled by the historic oil price hikes of the ‘70s – focused on basic infrastructure, the new developments have been diverse, sophisticated and often implemented with a close cooperation between local government and the private sector. Vast leisure and tourism developments, retail shopping parks and mega-malls, mixed-use developments, healthcare and rehabilitation centers, technology and media zones, industrial parks, schools and universities, luxury residential complexes, free zones, financial centers and sports cities are transforming the cityscapes in almost every country in the Middle East. TRACCS has served some of the region’s largest and most ambitious real estate developments, carrying out launches of retail shopping parks, mixed use and residential developments and specialist cities, developing crisis protocols and crisis management programs, internal communications procedures, corporate imaging and messaging. Our real estate development practice includes financial and business writers, luxury specialists and real estate analysts who can formulate solid communications strategies and implement powerful plans for big players in the business of building.

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